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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. What makes different from other “How’s My… / “800” monitoring companies?

  • We are customer focused and have the ability to customize to your needs.
  • Other “How’s My” and 800 numbers have the similar question. “How’s My…”,
  • Some “How’s My” companies use web only and do not have 800#’s
  • Some “How’s My” companies have 800#’s but no web.
  • Is My Driving has both web and 800#
  • “Is My Driving Safe?” is a unique name/question.
  • Is My Driving Safe has a unique 800# (877-557-SAFE)
  • Call Center is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Proprietary “Driver Rebuttal” program
  • Vehicle Theft Program
  • Owner operated
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2. Do e-mail and 800-number "" monitoring reporting services work?

The industry averages a 10-50% decrease in accidents and claims due to higher degree of driver accountability. Phone calls range from 10-35% annually (10-35 calls per every 100 vehicles). Companies will now have the information in a clean & organized report to identify and train unsafe drivers. It identifies drivers who regularly take risks so that action can be taken to prevent accidents and training. Our services generally pay for themselves many times over (see the cost analysis worksheet).

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3. How do you know that driver reporting programs reduce highway accidents by 10-50%?

Over ten years worth of vehicle accident data on trucks with and without a driver reporting programs, show that accidents have been reduced up to fifty percent when a program is in place.

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4. How do companies or individuals save money with Is My Driving can help reduce accidents by 50%. With the decrease in accidents, companies safe soft and hard dollars. (see Cost savings)

For large fleets or companies who are self insured, the savings become a direct savings to the company. Those operators who choose to purchase insurance will be able to receive major reductions in policy premiums.

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5. How does Is My Driving help reduce insurance costs?

Better driving records and lowering accidents translates into lower insurance costs. Insurance companies base their rates on driver’s ratings by the number of accidents and citations. The lower the rating, the lower the rates will be. Once you have better driver ratings, the best way to reduce your insurance is to renegotiate and/or bid out your policy.

In addition, many insurers offer a discount if you have a driver improvement program.

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6. Why should I use Is My Driving Safe if I have a low accident rate?

While your accident frequency rate is low, do you know the total cost of those accidents (lost productivity, medical expenses, repair cost, workers' compensation, etc.)? We could test to see if there are potential benefits for your company.

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7. Why wouldn’t our company take the calls ourselves?

  • Our operators are professionally trained and answer calls 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year.
  • Your staff would not have to deal with irate callers or unfounded calls anymore and will be able to focus on their regular job duties.
  • We will organize all incident reports and records.
  • We are a neutral party.
  • There will not be any internal political influences that may tend to embellish a call.
  • We hire professional neutral employees.
  • We will collect and organize the specific information.
  • This will help companies improve the communication in order to properly train employees.
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8. Do drivers think the service is negative?

  • Our service is a neutral party.
  • If employers present the service in a positive way, the drivers will welcome it.
  • Only a small percentage of drivers will have patterns of negative reports.
  • The Driver Rebuttal Program is designed with the drivers in mind. The drivers can give their side of the story, if they think a report is filed unfounded or for a special reason. (See Driver Rebuttal)
  • Knowledge is power. The drivers have an opportunity to really know how their driving is perceived.
  • Good drivers could be recognize or rewarded.
  • Accidents put strains on companies as well as other employees.
  • Drivers will see a clear message that road safety is an important aspect of your company.
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9. How does the Driver Rebuttal Program work?

Drivers can log into their account to write a rebuttal before a formal complaint is filed against them. Each driver rebuttal is entered into the Is My Driving database. They are cross-referenced against complaints that were filed within a 7 day period from the time of the incident. If there is a match between a complaint and a rebuttal, they are filed together and presented to the Driver Account Manager. If a rebuttal does not match a complaint, it is purged from the database.

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10. What happens after an Incident Report is filed?

An e-mail, with all pertinent information, is sent to the company's assigned person in the web page. The vehicle owner will NEVER know who the company assigned person is. All information for the web page / database is confidential and will not be shared unless requested by a company supervisor.

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11. Does Is My Driving show any reports to the Police or insurance companies?

NO. The information is for our customers to determine what they would like to do with the information. Our goal is to provide companies with accurate and timely information on their drivers in order to identify training opportunities before accidents happen.

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12. Can an Incident Report be deleted from my account?

No. However, automatically deletes all Incident Reports after two years.

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13. How are prank or unfounded reporters identified? is a great way to stop or slow down pranks and people who want to file false reports for personal gains to companies. By implementing, we weed out false claims on-line and over the phone in a sophisticated manner.

False claims are eliminated and never sent to you.

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14. Do subscribers need an e-mail address?

Yes, all subscribers need an e-mail address. In order for us to communicate the reports back.

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15. How does Is My Driving help enhance a company’s image?

Company vehicles are traveling billboards. Positive or negative driving represents the company positively or negatively. The sticker tends to have drivers be more courteous, thus enhancing the company’s image.

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16. Is this service for fleets only? What about cars or vans?

Is My Driving Safe will work with all types of vehicles and fleets.  No fleet, is too small or too large. We will work on custom signage, if necessary.

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17. How can your services help me when most of my accidents are backing accidents and property damage involves small "fender benders"?

Research shows that the 10% careless drivers are the same drivers likely to be the “fender benders”. We will help you identify the drivers that are careless in our reports. These reports will supply you with the knowledge as to who may need additional safety training.

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18. Our trucks are clean and with little amount of communication. Will the decal take away from our brand?

Our decals are designed to be clean and visible for easy reading. If you desire, we can customise stickers with your colors and choice of wording. These are provided at no additional cost when 100 or more decals are ordered. Orders of less than 100 decals can be made to your specifications for an additional cost.

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19. If our drivers never leave the city, will your service work for us?

Whether you never leave the city or only drive on highways, the service will work. There are different severities between highway and city driving. City accidents happen more often, but highway accidents are more severe, due to speed. Thus there are significant safety improvements and cost benefits for both city and highway driving.

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20. What if we use a "Black Box" program? What is the difference between it and a driver monitoring program?

Capital cost to install the black box is greater that ours. We help to identify driving patterns in real world situations. The Black boxes are not descriptive in the details relative to the surrounding. For example, the black box will not tell you about running a red light, or speeding in a hospital or school zone. It will not tell you if they pulled out in front of someone or were following to close. These are all examples of real world feedback versus the black box pattern driving reports.

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21. My drivers are unionized. Will they work with your program?

Yes. Safety is the cornerstone of our service and Is My Driving Safe gives the drivers a voice. Unions should be encouraged to participate. Also, drivers that are newly identified as high risk, can get the training instead of being terminated after accident or citations. Drivers may look at their history and use it for negotiating better rates. We can speak directly with your management and union representatives at any time. We can be flexible and adapt to various company needs.

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22. How much does it cost to subscribe to Is My Drving

The subscription cost is $25.00 per year (plus a one-time charge for the Decal) for each vehicle registered, which includes unlimited reporting privileges. For large fleets or large vehicle pools, discounts are available. Call 813-269-IMDS (4637) to inquire.

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23. How do I subscribe to Is My Driving

Click "Sign Up” and follow the prompts or call 813-269-IMDS (4637).

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24. How does the billing process work?

We accept Visa / MasterCard as well as checks. We will issue an Invoice when payment is received. The stickers and access will be sent immediately.

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25. Where do I put the Is My Driving Vehicle Decal?

This Decal should be attached on outside of the car on the lower left corner, so it can be viewed from the rear.

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26. Why would a teen want to have an Is My Driving Decal on the car?

Most teens would agree that feedback from Mom and Dad is better than from a police officer or being in a hospital Due to an accident.

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Contact us with comments or questions at: or Is My Driving Safe @ (813) 269-IMDS (4637)



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