Commercial Program

The Is My Driving Safe, Inc. Driver Monitoring Program is designed to improve your fleet's safety record by identifying high risk, unsafe driving behaviors before accidents occur. It has been proven that 10% of drivers represent 80% of all accidents and claims for a company. If you decrease these unsafe driving behaviors, you decrease accidents, which ultimately decreases cost. It is a true win-win solution!

The best way to increase safety and save lives is to decrease the number of Unsafe Acts before they happen. Is My Driving Safe identifies high risk drivers making them immediately Accountable and Aware of their driving behaviors.

Fleet Statistics

  • 80% of Drivers never receive a complaint
  • 10% will receive one accident report
  • 10% will have more than one Report and are the high risk drivers

Fleet Statistics with Driver Improvement Program

  • Decreases Unsafe Acts by 10-50%
  • Identifies 10-20% of the high risk drivers
  • Saves Lives and Money

Is My Driving was designed with flexibility and scalability in mind to support all fleets no matter the size. No company is left unsafe!

Report Truck

For fleets larger than 100 vehicles, contact us for special pricing.