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The industry averages a 10-50% decrease in accidents and claims due to higher degree of driver accountability. Phone calls range from 10-35% annually (10-35 calls per every 100 vehicles). Companies will now have the information in a clean & organized report to identify and train unsafe drivers. It identifies drivers who regularly take risks so that action can be taken to prevent accidents and training. Our services generally pay for themselves many times over (see the cost analysis worksheet).

Over ten years worth of vehicle accident data on trucks with and without a driver reporting programs, show that accidents have been reduced up to fifty percent when a program is in place. can help reduce accidents by 50%. With the decrease in accidents, companies safe soft and hard dollars. (see Cost savings)

For large fleets or companies who are self insured, the savings become a direct savings to the company. Those operators who choose to purchase insurance will be able to receive major reductions in policy premiums.